AAP’s Poor Performance in Delhi


The industrial users in Delhi have been asked to pay 6.8% more towards electricity charges in 2020-21, than what they did in FY 2019-20.

Water Management & Environment

Kejriwal’s government in June 2021 faced flak for a 48 Hour water crisis in Delhi, because of lack of efficient water management on part of the AAP led government.

  • Despite making big claims about environmental sustainability, the AAP led government in Delhi chopped off 17,000 trees. This was done in complete denial of the air pollution crisis in Delhi.

Covid Mismanagement

Not only Oxygen, Delhi also suffered from the politics of ‘Ignorance’ practised by AAP. From 2015-19, AAP didn't make any new Hospitals and this became one of the primary reasons for overcrowding at the already contracted hospital infrastructure in Delhi.

Rampant Unemployment

A CMIE report in May 2021 revealed that the unemployment rate in Delhi was an abysmal 45.6%.


Amid the infrastructural development, there was also a 45% shortage of teachers in Delhi’s government schools till 2020.


Featuring second on a list of five worst performing cities, Delhi’s figures for the ‘availability of public transport’ was 1,688.50 per lakh population (PLP).

Economic Downfall

Punjab has amassed huge outstanding liabilities of nearly 2.47 Lakh Crore, with the debt to GSDP ratio skyrocketing to 38.7% of the GDP in 2021.

Stubble Burning

AAP wants criminal cases to be filed in large numbers against the hapless farmers of Punjab for stubble burning. AAP goes to every court targeting Punjab without acknowledging the distress of Punjab farmers. They have no consideration or knowledge of the people of Punjab.